These images are photographs taken in places and of surfaces that would normally have little attention paid to them. It is their lack of significance that draws me because they provide an opportunity to notice and to present the life in something lifeless. These photographs encapsulate my desire to see purely and to bring an attention to spaces whose surfaces encapsulate light. The acts of seeing and isolating can be purposeful, powerful, and transformative. Focusing on unused spaces grants them a new position that is pure and free from the distraction of association. I am interested in retrieving space, grasping it out of the world, isolating it, and letting it achieve a life of its own. The images' contextual ambiguity encourages the reading of volume, shape, and time to be flexible and elastic. I am interested not in representing space, but in creating the experience of space through close attention to surface. It is the surfaces of objects and walls that hold light and create form.